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Follow The Leader – Obama Mobile

I have been extremely vocal from his first speech launching his candidacy of my support for now President Obama. My respect for his jumped up a few more notches over the past few weeks as he fought to keep his Blackberry and succeeded.

To me, it is not just the fact that there is a president who is as tied to technology as I and millions of citizens are, but the fact that his ‘need’ puts him on a similar mind-frame as us.  I can relate.

For the radio broadcast industry, if the leader of the our country feels strongly enough about his smartphone to force a change in Washington DC, then they should embrace the platform.  Companies like Nobex, Flycast, Pandora, Slacker and others have shown the way so the stations do not even need to build from scratch, just leverage the intellectual property that exists by connecting with theses companies or the many others that pop up.

For the broadcast industry, the Obama campaign, transition and presidency should be nothing short of a public sector slap to their face.  For my entire life, the media has always led the government in innovative ways to communicate with and inspire the public.  It is safe to say that Obama’s team created a platform that simply blows the radio broadcasters out of the water when all of the components are put together.

Mobile media, SMS, social networks, YouTube were all employed by the Obama team but not just as props; as integral pieces of a communications strategy that relied on the feedback of the participants in order to work.  It invested the users directly in the process and, as a result, made a resilient, expansive, cost-effective grass roots movement that will now help the team govern.

My friend Mark Ramsey has gone into impressive detail over the years about the future potential of radio.  I am as optomistic as he is, but unless the broadcasters look at the environment holistically and not as a bunch of gagets; until they truly involve the listeners in the communication process and not just engage in one-sided dialogue, the assets will end up a part of the “bad bank” or just paper in the trash can.


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Follow The Leader? Auto & Finance On Radio

As we leave one of the most tumultuous economic years in modern history, I wanted to take a look at the use of radio by two of the hardest hit sectors, Auto and Finance. 

The forces acting up each of these industries is far beyond this blog, but one impact of their turmoil is on advertising and marketing.  As industries that rely heavily on local customers, radio serves as a good indicator of their health but I was curious as to which moved more, how they moved together and which one made changes to their radio efforts first.

Auto and Finance have quite a lot of sub-sectors so for the purpose of this post I am just going to look at Domestic Auto Dealers and Banks & Credit Unions.

The chart below shows an index of radio advertising starting January 1, 2007 through December 15, 2008 by week.  The index compares the number of ad plays for the given week against the average for the entire 102 week period.

Domestic Auto - Bank Spot Ad Index

This is just a quick visual analysis of our data and you can see though they generally trend together over the 2 years, the Dealers are much more volatile both on the high and low ends.  In fact, it was not until this most recent winter that Banks exceeded the Domestic Dealers at all for any extended period of time.

I guess having bailout money in the bank helps quite a bit on the ad front. 

I am just presenting our data here, not yet addressing the 'Why' behind the movements.  We are always looking for the use of our data in deeper analysis, so if you have an interest in statistics, mathematics, econometrics or other quantitative analysis and have a use for deep radio data please contact us, we look forward to working with you.