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Interested in Schools & The Environment?

I am fortunate to sit on the Board of EarthForce, a national organization dedicated to teaching young people how to translate their passion into action to benefit their communities.  We train teachers how to best work with students on various civic, community and environmental projects.

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“Earth Force…empowering young people to improve the environment & their community” 

The generation of Americans that will soon be called upon to address some of humanity’s greatest environmental challenges—those currently in our schools—have a limited understanding of environmental issues, our civic system and/or how to develop and implement balanced solutions to natural resource challenges.
The problem is not a shortage of environmental information. There is plenty of information with media saturation of environmental stories at an all time high. The problem is that we have not fostered young people’s ability to critically assess that information and use it to make sound choices. Now is the time to foster a scientifically capable and civically engaged populace. Through Earth Force young people get hands-on, real-world opportunities to practice civic skills, acquire and understand environmental knowledge, and develop the skills and motivation to become life-long leaders in addressing environmental issues.


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