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Thank You Philadelphia Magazine – The Faces of the New Philly

“Humanitarians and Power Couple”

My wife and I love this and are so appreciative of those that thought of us to have us named as New Faces In Philly.  The writer called us “humanitarians and power couple”, which are very big labels so we will do our best to live up to them.

The Faces of the New Philly

It is certainly humbling to be in the company of so many impressive people.

I know for me it is a kick in the butt to be more diligent about my time, ensure I pass on the absolute need for open & passionate discourse to our child, now about 2 weeks away from entering this world; and make sure that we continue to think big, but act with simple, concrete steps.




How To Create Passion For Open Government

Robert Cheetham, CEO of the extremely impressive GIS-focused Philadelphia firm Azavea and a colleague on the Open Data Philly initiative, passed this article on to me about open government – 10 Steps To Open Government.

It is a very interesting piece and brings to the forefront some of the critical questions of adoption that all of us who are passionate about open data, open government and participatory politics must address.

I was having a conversation on open, participatory government adoption a few days ago and came to the conclusion that very few people will ever directly adopt the concept of open government.  It is to big and hard to grasp by itself.

What I believe will find very wide and passionate adoption are concrete services that are based on that open-ness.  All of us, every citizen cares about certain issues, their kids, schools, work and community and would like to make it better.  If there are services that can be advanced through open government principles then great, but the philosophy itself will likely be pushed aside for more immediate needs.

As we have all been working; it is the concrete, non-technical, solution-oriented application, report or tool that will galvanize the public, I believe, and show them the value of open.


Submit the Documentary Social Media and How You Can Help (Oh and a Little About Me, too) « The Blog of Shani Sammons

Below is a post from a colleague of mine at Fuzebox, Shani Sammons. I am fortunate to work with Shani as she leads the social media and social marketing efforts for the documentary for which I am serving as Executive Producer.

I will be sure to give you much more detail on the project from my perspective, but Shani does a great job. If you have any interest in social media or social marketing, I suggest you follow her on a regular basis.

She knows what she is talking about!


From Shani,

I joined a company called Fuzebox a few months ago to help them with their social media strategy and content. All I can say is… Wow, it’s been an incredible experience. One of the best and most rewarding projects I’ve worked on (and I’ve been very fortunate) came my way at Studioplex Studios (owned by Fuzebox) about three months ago.



Cyberbullying Insight From Kids At Play

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Feb 05

Why Internet Safety Needs a Makeover

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