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Integrating Multichannel Communication in Gov’t Customer Service – As citizens and residents, we are automatic customers to government services. We all rely on various agencies to deliver necessary services ranging from emergency response to residential permits. From being able to purchase a fishing license easily on a mobile device to being able to renew a much-needed passport within a day, it is those standout customer service experiences that enable us to power through everyday tasks and challenges.

Lessons learned from the shutdown – I have to say it’s really nice to be back at work in Washington, DC. That’s not to say that we weren’t working while the government was shut down but it is nice to have everybody back and know that things are going to be a little bit closer to normal for at least the next few months. When I was in DC the other day, it was just good to see the streets full again. While I can’t say that I missed the traffic as much as I missed the people, you can’t exactly have one without the other so I guess I’ll take the traffic back as well.

OKF’s Open Data Index vs. ePSI Scoreboard: how do they compare? – This ‘openness’ is evaluated according to whether:Data existsIt’s digitalIt’s publicly availableIt’s free of chargeIt’s onlineIt’s machine readableIt’s available in bulkIt’s openly licensedIt’s up-to-dateHere at the ePSI Platform, we maintain a more complete PSI Scoreboard for all EU Member States. This scoreboard takes into account not only the openness of datasets but also the re-use promotion, among other indicators.

Pinterest Optimization: The Value of a Pinventory – Summary : For individuals and organizations using Pinterest for professional purposes, creating and managing a “pinventory” is a recommended best practice that enables you to reduce unnecessary duplication, improve board focus and content, and better manage new pins going forward. This post provides suggested steps and related tips, as well as an Excel inventory template. ( from the Denovati SMART Blog )Author:

Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse – One of the core missions of the Recovery Board is to prevent fraud, waste, and mismanagement of Recovery funds. gives you the ability to find Recovery projects in your own neighborhood and if you suspect fraudulent actions related to the project you can report those concerns in several ways:Submit a Complaint Form electronicallyCall the Recovery Board Fraud Hotline: 1-877-392-3375 (1-877-FWA-DESK)Fax the Recovery Board:

Event Registration (EVENT: 627298 – SESSION: 1) – Smarter Storage Takes on Big Data in GovernmentGrowth in government data comes in part from increasing numbers of connected devices, new data from social applications and programs, and the desire for more real-time infromation acress organizations. To improve productivity, detect fraud, and provide national security and defense, agencies must create actionable insight at the point of impact from the exponentially increasing volume, variety, and velocity of structured and unstructured data- and they must be able to reliably secure and discern the accuracy of that information.

What would Don Draper Do with Big Data? HP’s Digital Marketing Hub – On one of my favorite shows, Mad Men , the executives of a 1960s advertising firm spend hours trying to get into the mind of their clients’ customers to come up with the perfect pitch. Just imagine what Don, Peggy, and Megan could have done with big data.Of course, data alone is not enough for a strategy. Marketing and advertising has gotten even more complex since the golden age of Madison Avenue