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It’s Not Too Late! You can reach your goals in 2014. – When I entered the gym, it was virtually deserted except for one lone person riding the elliptical. The exercise goal for the people who crowded the gym on January 2, 2014 appeared to be over…at least at my gym. Do you have a “dearly held” goal – one that at the beginning of January you wanted very badly – that has already dropped off the radar screen? If so, there is still time to make that goal a force in your life and whatever you do, don’t put any more effort into one single goal until you read these three tips.

Get Down (Live 11.22.02)

Interview with Chris Mitchell, Sound Engineer for Umphrey’s McGee – by Frazier + on January 30, 2014 in Interviews , Music Features , Umphrey’s McGee Recently I saw that you built some really nice speakers with handmade wooden boxes and everything. Do you build speakers regularly? How long have you been into this hobby? It’s really a combination of two hobbies I love: woodworking and music. Being a cheap guy I make my own instead of buying them. It’s just a little hobby that makes it easy to generate whatever I need.

Interview | Cornmeal Returns – A Chat With Chris Gangi – Written By: Chad Berndtson :: Interview – Cornmeal :: It’s a transition that might have killed off a lesser band: a decade spent building a following, achieving national attention, a fanbase and the respect of your genre elders, and then a near-dissolution, thanks to the exits of 60 percent of your personnel. But Cornmeal lives again. The Chicago jam-grass outfit bid goodbye to Kris Nowak, JP Nowak and Allie Kral within the span of eight months heading into the spring of 2013.

Philly 311 Call Center Takes 6 Millionth Call – advertisement The City of Philadelphia takes serving its citizens seriously and reaching city government is a snap for residents through the Philly 311 Call Center , which just celebrated its fifth year anniversary December 31. Citizens may get answers to city questions by simply dialing 311. “It’s really City Hall in the palm of your hand. You call that one number, easy to remember – 311. You don’t even need to know anybody at City Hall to get things done.

Another Voice in the Wind – Thoughts on Qualities of a Virtual Leader – Over the last few days I’ve been reading the responses to the departure of Rod Humble, the CEO of Linden Lab – the company that owns and operates Second Life. Here are a few sites where you can find some in-depth and thoughtful discussion. The Oracle of Pixels on Andromeda, written by William Burns Rod Humble Leaves Second Life on NALATES’ THINGS & STUFF, writt… Three in ten: a look back over Rod Humble’s tenure at LL on Living .

1/23/14 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO – Home | Catalog | The Disco Biscuits | 1/23/14 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO THE DISCO BISCUITS 1/23/14 Ogden Theater, Denver, CO AVAILABLE NOW DISC ONE SET ONE Intro (1:07) Uber Glue (5:21) Voices Insane (20:51) Bombs (12:07) Voices Insane (8:00) Bazaar Escape (9:45) DISC TWO SET TWO Intro (1:55) Save The Robots (11:54) The Overture (12:23) Triumph (10:52) Save The Robots (10:57) DISC THREE I-man (30: