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Procurement – Jumpstart Guide: Five First Steps The procurement system is complicated, nuanced, and deeply entrenched — it can be hard to figure out where to start, especially if there’s not already leadership support for procurement improvement in your municipality. If that’s the case, we’re here to help. Here are five manageable, meaningful first steps you can take today to start making progress towards improving procurement.

Beyond @Congressedits, Capitol Hill Looks for Entry to Wikipedia – Over the past weeks, the Twitter account Congressedits has somewhat inadvertently made headlines for itself by highlighting questionable edits to Wikipedia pages that seemed to promote conspiracy theories. That attention prompted a Wikipedia editor to block one of the congressional I.P. addresses deemed responsible. Baghdad Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives http

In the Philippines, Citizens Go Undercover With Bantay to Monitor Public Offices – The results of the Red Tape Index, the first monitoring study by Last year, the New York Times reported on the tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets of Manila, Philippines, after the arrest of a powerful businesswoman that had helped divert millions of pesos from poverty-reduction programs. The Philippines, a country of almost 100 million, is considered among the most corrupt country in Southeast Asia, despite a boost in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index in the past few years (from 134th in 2010 to 94th in 2013 out of 175.

Do You Trust Yourself Enough to Call it a Day? – Trust is important in any relationship, particularly if you are a leader. Without trust standard operations become difficult and slow. Simple tasks must be checked and rechecked. And small mistakes are big steps backward. As important as it is to earn and maintain the trust of your team and colleagues, it may be more important to trust yourself. Some would call it self-confidence, but there is more to trusting yourself.

We took a field trip to – We took a field trip to #WetLand!

Cucumber Legislation – We are approaching the traditional time of the silly season in UK news and politics, the quiet period when in the absence of real news, the frivolous and the dotty get more column inches than they otherwise would.1 In Poland and indeed much of the rest of Europe, that period is know as the cucumber season.2 With that slightly unlikely introduction (for reasons which will become apparent), let us return to the question of whether law is code and, to the extent that it is useful to talk about it that way, what ways of producing better code might tell us about making better law.

Wilco To Only Play A Handful Of Shows In 2014 – Earlier this week Wilco announced a pair of September shows in Ohio that in addition to two performances at the Lockn’ Festival are the only Wilco gigs on the books for 2014. What does the rest of the year hold for Jeff Tweedy’s main band? A note in a recent email from the group gives a bit of clarity. “More Wilco news from us shortly including info on a handful of other shows, but keep in mind…