The Rolling Stones Play Historic Free Concert In Cuba

In yet another first for the legendary rockers, The Rolling Stones were the first British rock band to play Cuba. The group performed before tens of thousands gathered at Havana’s open-air Ciudad Deportiva to watch the Stones last night according to the BBC.

Last night’s show came just days after U.S. president Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba. Mick Jagger & Co. treated the massive crowd to a show featuring a similar setlist to other stops on The Rolling Stones’ América Latina Olé tour. The Stones loaded the free concert with classics such as “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” “Tumbling Dice,” “Paint It Black,” “Honky Tonk Women,” “Miss You,” “Start Me Up” and “Brown Sugar.” “All Down The Line” made the setlist via fan voting though not many of those fans who voted came from Cuba, a country whose citizens have little internet access.

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