The 2005 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe

A 28 minute flipbook-style movie made up of over twenty thousand still photographs documenting the 2005 Live Arts and Fringe Festivals in Philadelphia. All photographs by Jacques-Jean Tiziou Including among other things: Pig Iron Theatre: Pay Up, New Paradise Laboratories: Planetary Enzyme Blues, Brian Sanders Junk: Patio Plastico, Monica Bill Barnes: Limelight: Thank you and good night, and The Fountain Tour in Love Park, Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala: Toilet Tricycle Race, Nichole Canuso: We Spar Down The Lane, Cabaret, Kandy Whales, Revanta Sarabhai, Nicole Bindler: Print, Pontiff Blues, Stephen Marc Beaudoin: Franz Schubert: A Life, Big Dance Theater: Plan B, John Lumia: Brand X, Reactionaries: New Slang, InterAct Theatre Company vs.


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